Dishes and wines


A "galette aux pommes de terre" (round and flat culinary preparation of potatoes, eggs and double cream) will be the best dish to serve with white wines as an aperitif.

The "pâté de Pâques" (a typical sausage meat pie from Berry) served with a white wine will be an appreciated starter.

Springtime is also the season of veal which matches deliciously with the red wines of the region. Some white wines (3 years) can even be served with a culinary preparation in white sauce.

Lamb will harmoniously pair with red wines from Châteaumeillant and the Coteaux du Giennois.

Berry is the land of freshwater fish. Pikeperch in white butter sauce and pike cooked in a cream sauce nicely accompany white wines.

A "matelote" (carp cooked in red wine with onions) proves that fish can also go quite well with red wines of Centre-Loire.

Free-range poultry with curry is best served with rosé wines.

Finally, spring is the time when goat cheeses of the region are most flavourful. According to their maturing, cheeses from Chavignol, Pouligny-St-Pierre, Valençay, Selles sur Cher and Ste-Maure in Touraine make a delicious cheese board. The white wines of the region make the most excellent matches.


A salad with Chavignol cheese accompanied with a white wine will start summer meals in a very pleasant way.

Summer is the season of grilled meats and fish. The characters of the red and white wines of the region make them ideal for sunny meals, without forgetting rosé wines that will bring spicy touches to exotic dishes (chicken cooked with pineapple, Thai rice).

For dessert, a Poirat (pear pie) or a Chanciau (thick pancake with pieces of apples from St Martin) served with a rosé wine of Reuilly (from the Pinot Gris grape variety) will delight the palate.


When wintry weather arrives, a potatoes pie served with a white wine is an excellent starter.

Season of game, autumn permits more developed red wines to offer all their character to game birds or hare pâté.

A Tarte Tatin (apple upside-down tart) from the Sologne region and a rosé wine are a good way to end the meal and to get ready for a long walk in the vines.


Winter is the time of celebrations with the return of seafood and shellfish.

Oysters and seafood will nicely pair with young white wines. On the contrary, warm oysters will suit best with a more developed wine.

Shellfish (crabs, lobsters) need more complex white wines.

For starters, some "oeufs en meurette"(eggs cooked in a red wine sauce) will match with blended red wines (Châteaumeillant and Coteaux du Giennois).

A consommé of lentils or a calf’s head, also regional culinary specialities, go best with white wines.

As for meat, it is the season of a "Coq en Barbouille"(cock cooked with blood, onions, bacon and red Reuilly) or a beef tail with green lentils from Berry, preferably served with elegant red wines of Sancerre, Menetou-Salon or Reuilly.

Finally, a slice of foie gras will surprisingly and harmoniously pair with the white wines of the region.